Current projects

Proyectos en curso.

004/15    |    NOV 2015 – DEC 2017
Support for the taxpayer movement

Cause: Defending taxpayers’ rights and interests
Partners: Unión de Contribuyentes (UC)
Launching and first steps of the new tax payer organization in Spain as a platform for civic action in pursuit of their rights and interests.
Financial target: EUR 25,000
Funds raised: EUR 500 (2%)


007/15    |    NOV 2015 – DEC 2017
Citizen Online Self-Defence Guide

Cause: Online freedom
Partners: Crypto for Liberty and other supportive organizations
Production of a self-defence guide providing Internet users with simple to use mechanisms to preserve their anonymity and the security of their documents and information against any potential threat of state interferece.
Financial target: EUR 9,000
Funds raised: EUR 450 (5%)



009/15    |    NOV 2015 – SEP 2017
World Index of Electoral Freedom

Cause: Electoral freedom
Partners: None (Foundation’s own execution)
Conception and first edition of an international index to rank countries on electoral freedom, taking into account the voting systems, party legislation and related topics.
Financial target: EUR 14,000
Funds raised: EUR 700 (5%)


001/16    |    JAN 2016 – DEC 2017
Liberty in North Korea

Cause: Liberty in North Korea
Partners: None (Foundation’s own execution)
Raising public awareness on the North Korean dictatorship and its violations of individual rights, mainly through:
A) Organzing of visits to Spain, lectures and media slots for North Korean defectors, in order to spread their views and experience.
B) Co-operation with international organizations providing relief to North Korean defectors.
C) Launching a Spanish association particularly oriented to the cause of Liberty in North Korea, to channel activism opposed to that of the so called Korean Friendship Association, which is also based in Spain and led by a Spanish supporter of the Pyongyang regime.
Financial target: EUR 60,000
Funds raised: EUR 600 (1 %)


004/16    |    APR 2016 – JUNE 2017
Freedom for Raif Badawi

Cause: Freedom of conscience
Partners: Raif Badawi Foundation
Raising public awareness on the Saudi dictatorship, the situation of individual rights and liberties in that country and the specific case of conscience prisoner Raif Badawi. Specific goals inlcude:
A) Organizing a visit to Spain by Ensaf Haidar, Badawi’s wife, and several connected events including her talks in zones of high risk of jihad recruitment.
B) Publishing Ensaf Haidar’s book and/or a book with Badawi’s blog posts, which motivated his imprisonment.
Financial target: EUR 12,000
Funds raised: EUR 360 (3%)

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