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Unión de ContribuyentesThe Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty considers it a priority to articulate a powerful civic movement in our country for the defence of taxpayer rights and interests. In other similar countries, taxpayers are well organized through platforms with great advocacy capacities and a strong influence on politicians and other relevant stakeholders. In Spain, this movement is still at an embryo stage and the Foundation is determined to foster it, as it is a key element in the advancement of the cause of Liberty and against the proliferation of the state.

The Unión de Contribuyentes (UC) (Taxpayers Union) is the first organization ever founded in Spain to fight the brutal taxation we all face, and it is supported by the Foundation, which shall allocate resources to its launching and first steps. Should you wish to make a financial contribution specifically targeted to this project, please fill in the donation form (in Spanish) and choose project 004/15 – Movimiento de contribuyentes. If you wish to adhere personally (or have your company adhere) to the Unión de Contribuyentes, please visit its (Spanish language) web site.

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