WEFI 2018

WEFI / IMLE 2018

The Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty, in collaboration with the Universidad Autónoma de Chile, proudly presents its ambitious research project WEFI 2018. These initials stand for World Electoral Freedom Index. In its first edition, the index ranks 198 countries. Directed by professor José Antonio Peña, this index benefits from scientific advice by fourteen professors and specialists in nine countries.

Aim and methodology. WEFI aims at determining the degree of freedom enjoyed by the elector in each of the countries studied. In order to provide a score and rank for almost two hundred countries, over fifty key indicators have been taken into account. In this way, the main index is made up of four sub-indices:

Political Development Index (PDI)

Active Suffrage Freedom Index (ASFI)

Passive Suffrage Freedom Index (PSFI)

Elector Empowerment Index (EEI)

Publication content. Together with an extensive report provided by the author and his team, this publication includes a preface by prestigious writer Carlos Alberto Montaner, the Foundation’s honorary president. This institution’s secretary-general, Juan Pina, as well as professor Rodrigo Ubilla Mackenney, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Universidad Autónoma de Chile, both contribute their reflections as well. Together with the main ranking, continental maps of electoral freedom are featured, as well as the tables for each of the sub-indices and an alphabetical list of countries with their main and secondary ranks and score.

Presentation events. WEFI 2018 shall be presented through several events in Spain, Chile and other countries. We shall inform on this page. The first upcoming presentation event is:

WEFI 2018 presentation
Centro Riojano de Madrid, conference room “La Lengua”
Calle de Serrano, 25, 28001 Madrid, Spain
Monday, January 15th 2018 at 18:30 hours
Free access with no need to register in advance
Juan Pina, Foundation Secretary-General
Iván Suazo, Vice-President, Universidad Autónoma de Chile
José Antonio Peña, author and director, WEFI 2018

Are you interested in a WEFI 2018 presentation event in your university or institution?
Please contact us at contacto@fundalib.org

Second edition. Research work for WEFI 2019 shall begin in February 2018. The Foundation appreciates comments and suggestions from the Social Sciences academic community.

Document download. The full document (bilingual in English and Spanish) may be opened by following the link below. Once open, you may use your browser’s download options.



In collaboration with:

Universidad Autónoma de Chile

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