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The Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty wishes to cooperate with other civic organizations furthering the cause of Liberty in any specific theme area and territory. We have a priority to work with the associations we foster through our incubator of non-profit organizations for civil society activism, but we are eager to collaborate with any other civil association sharing our mission and aims. In some cases we shall be able to directly support a project, while in other cases we may adopt it as a joint project and present it to our community of domestic and international donors or submit it to grants, awards and other financial support processes. If you represent and organization in need of partial support to carry out a project that will favourably affect Liberty, please write to us at including a project briefing in up to four pages. Please make sure to include:

  • Name of your organization, when was it founded, and membership. Official incorporation data. Name and position of the representative, and ways to contact him/her.
  • Project description and how will it further the cause of Liberty. Theme area and territory covered.
  • Budget briefing (main chapters), and a realistic approach to funds already secured and further funds still needed to obtain.
  • Project execution calendar.

Should your project be chosen, we shall contact you to have a meeting and further analyze the Foundation’s potential support.

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