Free Market Road Show Madrid


Free Market Road Show Madrid 2019: tuesday May 7th at 4:30 PM at Fundación Rafael del Pino (Calle Rafael Calvo 39. 28010 Madrid).

The Secretary-General of Fundalib, Juan Pina, is one of the speakers at the round table “The rise of authoritarianism in Europe”, with Ángel Rivero and Ignacio-Sánchez Cuenca. The round table is moderated by Irune Ariño, Subdirector of Instituto Juan de Mariana.

Free Market Road Show Malaga

Free Market Road Show Málaga 2019: Monday, May 6th at 4:30PM at the UMA Faculty of Commerce and Management (Av. Francisco Trujillo Villanueva, 1. 29071 Málaga).

Juan Pina, Secretary-General of Fundalib speaks at the round table “More or less Europe?”, together with Enrique Fonseca, MEP Beatriz Becerra and the director of the Instituto Juan de Mariana, Eduardo Fernández Luiña.

Gloria Álvarez joins the Foundation’s Council

The Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty is pleased to announce that the prestigious Guatemalan politologist, Gloria Álvarez has joined the its Council. She is one of the most influential voices of the libertarianism in Latina America and Spain as well as worldwide through her radios, tv and social media presence. Gloria is co-author of “The Populist Deceit” (2016) and author of “How to talk to a progressive” (2017) and “How to talk to a conservative” (soon to be released) The Foundation already has among its members other prominent Latinamerican intelectuals. The institution highlights Gloria Álvarez’s commitment with our ideas both for economic and personal Liberty. We hope to welcome her in Spain soon and in the meanwhile we give her our warmest welcome on board the Libertarian foundation in our country.

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