Lines and areas of action

Lïneas y áreas de actuaciónThe Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty pursues its aims through the following lines of action:

A. Platform for economic support. Under Spanish law, the foundation is the optimal juridical entity to function as a platform in order to channel economic support by different types of donors, both individual and corporate, and both domestic and foreign. This prestigious legal entity implies a high degree of commitment by its prime movers, as the economic and legal requirements are particularly demanding. Important tax advantages strongly incentivate donors. Through their financial support to the Foundation, they contribute to an array of direct actions and especially to sustaining the main organizations working to further libertarian causes. The Foundation is also a guarantor providing security on the proper use of the funds donated. To this end, a plural and interdisciplinary Council is formed and the most demanding criteria are adopted for financial transparency and account auditing. Furthermore, the fact that Foundations are subject to a strict control by their official Protectorate under the Ministry of Culture works as an additional element to provide security to the donors.

B. Surveys and reports. This direct line of action aims at publicizing libertarian causes and generating awareness on the degradation of Liberty and the need to gain it back. To this end, reports shall be produced and presented to civil society and the mass media.

C. Support to libertarian organizations. The Foundation sponsors libertarian organization projects, events and publications. Furthermore, it endeavours to contribute to their day-to-day sustenance, be it through direct channelling of funds or in kind, for instance by sharing office space, staff or equipment. Entities wishing to submit a project and request support may do so by filling in this form.

D. Support to individuals who further libertarian causes. Support shall be provided to help the tasks of individuals with an outstanding contribution to the cause of Liberty and its public dissemination, whether in academia, the media, the corporate world or other environments. Awards and other ways of recognition shall be also considered.

E. Stock in companies. The Foundation may hold stock in companies deemed relevant to the cause of Liberty, particularly in the mass media industry. In this way, dissemination of our ideas is granted, individuals and organizations defending it are supported and advertisement insertion is provided as a channel of support other than donation.

The Foundation’s specific priority areas are the following:

  • Promotion of free market capitalism and economic freedom, through cooperation with specialized think tanks.
  • Dissemination of objectivist philosophy and the ethic of Liberty.
  • Spontaneous social, economic and political order, and the struggle against State proliferation and its interference in private entities and citizens’ lives.
  • Political process, institutions and electoral systems.
  • Justice Administration, effective legal protection and equality before the Law.
  • Fighting corruption by reducing the state.
  • Human and civil rights and public liberties, and the right to financial privacy.
  • Freedom of expression, opinion and information.
  • Freedom and anonymity rights in the era of information and communication technologies.
  • Freedom to choose educational models, teaching languages and homeschooling.
  • Freedom to choose medical and pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Strengthening of the Individual in all bioethical matters.
  • Ending the lost war on drugs and liberalizing its production and trade.
  • Freedom to politically disassociate and to promote individual-based self-determination and creation of new countries through voluntary agreement.
  • Promotion of world peace and freedom, international trade and non intervention.

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