First book published by the Foundation

Inclinado a la Libertad - Inclined to LibertyThe Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty has published the first book of its collection, Colección Avance, under the seal of Unión Editorial. The title is Inclined to Liberty and the author is well known American entrepreneur Louis E. Carabini, founder of leading precious metal trading company Monex. The book, which may be purchased at Unión Editorial’s web site or in Kindle format at Amazon, is a reasoned and pedagogic defense of one of two positions identified in society by the author: inclination to Liberty, rather than its opposite, inclination to domination.

“Liberty is not a battle which implies converting other in order to win: Liberty comes out victorious when you accept the idea that you’re the only master of your own life, when you realize your life is not subject to anyone nor is anyone’s life subject to yours. When you assume this reality, you break free. There’ll always be someone convinced to be ruling you, but you’ll possess a different certainty”, as Carabini writes. From the nature of money and the role of wealth in society to the need of a spontaneous economic order or the problems caused by social engineering, Carabini’s book deals with deep matters in the discussion on Liberty in our time.

Purchase the book for 10.40 euros   |   Purchase the Kindle edition for 3.99 dollars

The Liechtenstein Model

The Liechtenstein ModelThe Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty has published (in an English-Spanish bilingual edition) Andreas Kohl’s report on Liechtenstein’s constitutional model, which acknowledges secession rights to all eleven local communities in the Principality. The juridical framework for self-determination in Liechtenstein has been studied by many. Foundation Council member Andreas Kohl’s paper is particularly relevant in view of the Scottish and Catalan processes or the founding of Liberland in terra nullius between Croatia and Serbia. Prince Hasn-Adam II and the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, which operates from Princeton University, are particularly relevant voices on this issue. Respect for freedom of secession as a consequence of the right to political association and disassociation, is a Libertarian tradition dating back to Ludwig von Mises and earlier, and it diverges from all kinds of nationalistic views on the matter, as these either affirm or deny this right depending on their particular, practical interests.

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