A mobile device app for pension reform

App de comparación entre sistemas de pensiones | Pension system comparison app

The Foundation for the Advancement of Libertyhas been short-listed as one of the only three entities making it to the grande finale at Shark Tank 2017, organized by the Atlas Network in Budapest, Hungary. This competition provides funding to projects aimed at promoting economic freedom. The Foundation’s chair, Roxana Nicula, will be defending our project in Budapest, the other two competitors coming from Serbian and Spain. The project put forward by us is a desktop and mobile device application. With a few personal data from any individual, it calculates the approximate pension they will get with the current “pay-as-you-go” system, and how much they would make if we had an individual capitalization system. This will allow libertarian activists debunk the “pay-as-you-go” system as the robbery it is. With this app, pro-Liberty people can easily win the argument against any person with whom they discuss pension systems.

With a current ratio of two workers to one pensioner, and evolving down towards an even worse scenario, the cause of pension reform is an essential one in the Spanish society. Furthermore, due to the current system’s bad reputation among the young, this cause is also one of the most able to attract the youth towards Libertarianism. This is why one of the Foundation’s fostered associations is the Association for Pension Reform (ARP), Its visibility  will be enhanced through this project as well. The Foundation is proud to see its project short-listed. The picture shows a model of how the data would be delivered to the apps’ users.

Council meeting and a new member

Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad | Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty

The Council of the Foundation held a meeting (upper picture) on Jun 9th at the organization’s Madrid HQ. The meeting was presided over by Cuban-Spanish writer Carlos Alberto Montaner in his capacity as Honorary President of the Foundation. Virtually all Spain-based councillors attended, some of them travelling to Madrid from other cities, like Zaragoza, Seville, Salamanca or Pamplona. The Foundation’s chair and secretary general presented a thorough report on the Foundation’s current situation. The discussion focused on the Foundation’s current challenges. Later this summer, a new member has joined the Council of the Foundation: Leonardo Ravier (second picture). Based in Madrid, Ravier is an economist and an expert in non directive coaching. A disciple of professor Huerta de Soto, he teaches in several Latin American and Spanish universities and he’s authored a number of books, the most recent one being “An economic history of entrepreneurship: Towards a praxeological theory of the firm”, published by Unión Editorial in 2017. By the end of September, Ravier will represent the Foundation in some meetings with like-minded entities in Mexico.

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